Huawei E5172S-927 Unlock For All Networks | No Service Fix | imei repair

Read and review the video before you start applying the Steps to know the Unlock Process properly.

It is better, knowing that the application of the steps was done without a chip in the router.

1. Introduction:

For many questions about the E5172s-927 model, they have been provided with a link to the topic in the Portal

However, most of them did not appear with a result and I don’t know the reason, although the Explanation is clear and it has been compiled

The summary of this video is from several sites, The most important of which is the digital portal and the Russian 4PDA site

Members in the portal in the topic of adopting an attempt to Change and Repair the device IMEI number and they succeeded in that, let them thank you.

2. First, the following must be Noted:

You must know which update is installed on your device to choose the appropriate anti-Update for it

So that you can then install any update, and you can find out the update on your device by entering the page The router is at this address (

The user is logged in with the user name and password that you set to the device, and if you don’t Change a password The default name and password will be User: admin Password: admin

But if you don’t know, you have to do a factory reset with a Pointed Pen find the reset button

The factory is on the right side of the device between the WLAN and WPS button.

After knowing the Software version number installed on your device, choose the Correct antidote, and We have Upload almost all version of files.

Find the Unlock Files link below the article and most users have installed one of these updates

3. Some Important Steps of Updating Files:

  1. STC updated the home version, along with the counter update.
  2. Oman company update, along with the counter update.
  3. The update of the Russian company MegaFone and with it the counter update, knowing that the update is for a model E5172AS-22, which is what concerns us to extract the user account, password, and the possibility of Connect via SSH port to repair and change device IMEI number.

4. Unlocking Process:

Follow what is shown in the Our YouTube video step by step, and hopefully, you will have a successful experience.

Note: When installing any update or antidote, you must reset the router factory.

  • Download the file and extract the files and put them on the desktop.
  • The second Step.
  • Download the anti-update file on your device, I am on my device STC update.
  • Download the Megafone Russian update and extract the sshusers.cfg . file..
  • After extracting the file, it is opened via Notepad to find out the user name and password.

User: admin

Password: ######

5. Now Run PuTTY:

Now Enter the router admin Panel to copy the IMEI number and put it in the Huawei Data Lock Calculator to get DataLock Code

codes. V2 CODE


6. IMIE Repair Steps:

  • Repair imei number. Enter Your Own imei number.
  • AT^PHYNUM=IMEI,861919030504954
  • Save Changes command.
  • at^inforbu
  • Reboot command.
  • at^reset.
  • Then the router will restart.
  • After repairing and changing the IMEI number. 
  • Now install the Anti-MegaFone update.

7. The Last Step:

Installing the Omani update for the FDD1800 frequency mode control option.

Install the update and restart the device.

And You will see a successful experience.

You have to wait 20 seconds.

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